Shipco® Pumps Featured on Fox Business News "Manufacturing Marvels"

Shipco® was proud to be featured in an October segment on Fox Business Network's "Manufacturing Marvels". The two-minute segment focuses mainly on Shipco®'s manufacturing process, product line, and commitment to designing and assembling its products in the United States. Watch the video segment below:

The official press release is as follows:

Shippensburg Pump Co., Inc. (dba “Shipco® Pumps”) Featured on Fox Business News, October 3rd, 2013.

Shipco® Pumps will be featured on the episode of the "Manufacturing Marvels" TV series at 9:30 p.m., Thursday, October 3rd, on the Fox News Business Network. The show takes a close look at Shipco® Pumps dedication to its American employees, manufacturing, and the niche steam condensate and boiler feed pump market the company serves worldwide.

After a brief review of Shipco Pump's® unique history, the show focuses on Shipco’s® diverse product line.

"With leftover workforce in the south central Pennsylvania region from the closing of the ITT Domestic Pump Company (Headquartered in Shippensburg) in the late 1970s, we re-built this company together," says CEO and General Manager Duaine Collier. "This is the foundation for Shipco’s® success and steadfast allegiance to maintaining manufacturing in the United States and requiring as much of our supply chain to be domestic sourced as possible," he adds.

"Others are so quick to move their operations and supply chain offshore," Collier says, "but we have a great workforce, country, and ideas ... and with America's leadership in innovation, it's only right to sustain our workforce here in the USA. We have found that our customer base values quality and lead time as much as the bottom line.  We invest deeply in our employees, the steam industry, and our key to success has been offering a flexible product line, with the option to customize each product to the requirements of the end user," concludes Collier.

"Manufacturing Marvels" is a Fox Business Network series that highlights businesses with a core focus on maintaining and expanding manufacturing in the United States.

"Manufacturing Marvels" airs at 9:30 p.m., Thursday, October 3rd on the Fox Business Network. Please check the Fox Business Network Finder for a provider in your area.

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