Safety & Disconnects

Updated: June 8, 2020

Are you aware that Shipco® uses “through the door disconnects” and circuit breakers as a standard? Safety is a major priority in today’s industrial workplaces. As a manufacturer of industrial equipment, we are intensely aware of need to provide effective safety features on our equipment.

All of Shipco®’s disconnects and circuit breakers are mounted through the panel door with lock out / tag out capabilities. (“Through the door” disconnects).

Did you know all of our control panels and complete units with control panels are UL Listed to meet UL 508A? Shipco® is the only manufacturer in our industry that goes the next step and labels our entire units with a UL label. That’s right; not only are our control panels UL Listed and labeled, our entire pumping package is UL Listed and labeled! UL labeling is a specifiable option you should strongly consider discussing with your engineers.

Your end users’ insurance providers may require and appreciate both of these standard Shipco® features. In fact, they may even obtain lower insurance rates as a result.

Just another bonus feature that Shipco® offers our customers to lead the in steam condensate and boiler feed handling equipment industry.