About Shipco Pumps

Business Profile

Shipco® Pumps is a privately held company engaged in the design, development, production, and distribution of a wide range of engineered products grouped into six product groupings. Products are targeted for applications in the steam recovery operations of a boiler steam system. These steam-related products are primarily used, but not limited to public institutions such as hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, prisons, state buildings or military bases; as well as commercial and industrial industries such as automobile, airline, brewery, pharmaceutical, baking or shipping.

Products are sold mostly within the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean through independent, manufacturer's representatives.

Shipco® is one of the few, remaining U.S. manufacturers that both designs pumps, as well as manufactures complete, packaged units. This combination of capabilities enables it:

  • To offer custom built units for job-specific applications that cannot be satisfied with standard, off-the-shelf products
  • To ensure the components (such as receiver and pumps) of its packaged units are properly sized to work effectively and efficiently as unit

Factory Tour

Take a factory tour with Shipco CEO Duaine Collier and Pennsylvania Senator Pat Vance.

Company History

Shippensburg Pump Company known as Shipco® is located in the rolling hills of the Cumberland Valley in south central Pennsylvania, near historic Gettysburg. People in this area are hard working, family oriented and committed to the quality of life available in the area. When ITT Industries acquired Shippensburg's Domestic Pump and relocated the production facilities to Morton Grove, Illinois only one employee was interested in leaving the Valley.

FactoryShipco® was formed out of the jobless people left behind after the ITT purchase. Two of the original founders have been working in the pump industry since the early 1950s. The President and Chief Executive Officer have been in the industry since the early 1970s. Together these managers formed Shippensburg Pump Company, Inc. The purpose was to utilize the skills and knowledge of the jobless people left behind as well as to provide an improved and more standardized pump to fill the void in the replacement market.

With these initial objectives in mind, a product line was designed and targeted for the steam system market to offer the following improved features:

  • Receivers that are easier to pipe
  • Pumps that are more efficient
  • Industry standard motors that are easy to acquire and replace
  • A suction flange designed and manufactured to specifications so that it will bolt onto a majority of the existing cast iron and steel receivers already installed

Product Line Overview

Steam System Products

ProductsSince its initial years when Shipco® focused on the pump replacement market, Shipco® has became well known in the following areas of steam system products:

  • Condensate Pumps
  • Boiler Feed Pumps or Surge Tanks
  • Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Producers
  • Atmospheric Deaerators and Pressurized Deaerators, including Two-Compartment Deaerators
  • Pump and Motors Assemblies, including centrifugal, multistage, and low NPSH
  • Specialty Products: Flash Tanks and Flash Recovery Vessels, Blowdown Separators, Discharge Chemical Feed Units, Glycol Fill Tank or Seal Flush Unit

Retrofit Adapter Flanges

Shipco® pumps can be directly bolted easily to installed condensate pumps, boiler feed pumps and surge tanks built by ITT Domestic, Domestic-Ames and ITT Hoffman. With adapter flanges designed by Shipco®, our pumps can also be easily retrofitted to receivers made by the following manufacturers:

Aurora BFS Burnham Cleaver Brooks Deaerator Design
Dunham Bush Economy Federal Guardian ITT Domestic or ITT Hoffman*
Kansas City Deaerator Lockwood Mepco Nash PACO
Peerless Protector Sellers Skidmore Sterling
Superior Watchman Weil Weinman York-Shipley

For manufacturers not explicitly listed, custom adapter flanges can typically be designed. * ITT Hoffman is a trademark of ITT Corporation.


Close-grained cast iron receiver sizes range from 6 gallons to 500 gallons and carry a standard 20-year limited warranty against corrosion failure. Steel receivers can be black steel or 300 series stainless steel. Steel receivers also can be lined with either epoxy or plasite®; galvanized steel receivers are also available. In addition, the size and shape of steel receivers can be customized to fit unique requirements of a specific application. Pressurized tanks are ASME stamped; atmosphere tanks can be built to ASME code standards if required.

Other options available on tanks include basket inlet strainers. The dirt pocket and vertical self-cleaning screen help prevent dirt or debris from damaging the pumps. A gauge glass assembly enables a quick visual check of the water level in a receiver. A dial thermometer provides a quick check on water temperature in a receiver. Discharge pressure gauges enable end users to verify pump is operating at design conditions.


Tanks can be furnished with factory installed vinyl insulation jacket or a metal-jacketed insulation.

Control Panels

Shipco® offers custom built panels to make your installation connections easy and fast. Panels are wired to comply with all NEMA and J.I.C. specifications. Enclosures are available for all NEMA ratings and are U.L. labeled. The controls are designed for effective, automatic operation of condensate, boiler feed, surge tank, vacuum, and deaerator pumps. Panels contain a removable mounting plate as standard.

Panels can be either mounted onto units and pre-wired at factory or built to wall mounted. Selector switches with test push buttons are standard for checking rotation of motors. Fused, control circuit transformers provide step down voltage for control circuits that are above 115/1/60. Separate, independent control circuits are provided on condensate units.

Selector switches are available for pump control. Two typical types are lead-off-lag selector switches for manual alternation of pumps and or auto-off selector switches for use with mechanical or electrical alternators. A mechanical alternator screws into the tank and is float operated; an electrical alternator is an integral part of the control panel and controlled by two separate switches.

If required, disconnects can be either NEMA-rated fused or NEMA-rated circuit breakers. Combination Integral starters and magnetic disconnects are also available. When disconnects are furnished, panels have lock-out / tag-out capabilities by utilizing through-the-door style with external handle. On boiler feed units and deaerators, an optional control circuit is available that provides an independent power source enabling pump[s] to be tagged out of service while maintaining power to other panel controls. Single point power is also available. Other options such as control relays, pilot lights, time meters, alarm lights and bells are available upon request.