Type DMC

Durable Make-up Cast Iron Receiver Boiler Feed Unit

Boiler Feed Pumps & Surge Tanks

A Durable Make-up Cast iron receiver boiler feed unit for water temperatures up to 200°F and boiler capacities typically ranging from 20 BHP up to 750 BHP. A standard, close-grained, cast iron receiver is provided with a standard 20-year warranty against corrosion failure for years of service; receiver sizes range from 25 gallons to 500 gallons; unit is floor-mounted allowing for low inlet returns.

An electrical solenoid make-up water valve with float switch control is standard. Unit built in either simplex or duplex configurations with single-phase or three-phase motors; motors available at both 1750 RPM and 3500 RPM for low inertia, intermittent operation. Two pump openings provided on all units. Pumps are bronze-fitted to resist corrosion and prevent seizing; pump also equipped with mechanical seals rated for temperatures up to 250°F. Higher temperature seals and special faces available upon request.

Other accessories include gauge glass assembly, thermometer, inlet strainer, butterfly isolation valve, low-water cut-off or alarm switch, submerged heater tube for preheating feed water, and electrical control panels.

Type DMEC is simply an elevated version of DMC.