Durable Underground Make-up Stainless Steel Boiler Feed Unit

Boiler Feed Pumps & Surge Tanks

A Durable Underground Make-up boiler feed unit with stainless steel receiver uses a patented design to pump water in applications where the return piping is at or below floor level. The underground basin is made of stainless steel in various sizes. Pumps are located above the basin cover plate allowing for easy maintenance with disturbing the cover plate. The propeller shaft and it high temperature patented (U.S. Patent #4,932,846) bearing design is more durable and simpler than most other designs.

An electrical solenoid make-up water valve with float switch control is standard. Units available in either simplex or duplex configurations; motors are 3500 RPM, single or three phase. Unit equipped with bronze-fitted Model U pumps fitted with industry standard motors and with mechanical seals rated for temperatures up to 250°F. Higher temperature seals and special faces available upon request.

Other accessories include gauge glass assembly, thermometer, inlet strainer, butterfly isolation valve, low-water cut-off and electrical control panels.