Durable Steel/Stainless Steel Condensate Pump, Low Inlet

Condensate Return Pumps

Type DS-MU and DSS-MU use a patented design pump which handles up to 210°F condensate (at sea level) with a 2 ft. NPSH pump. Type DS-MU is made with a rectangular steel receiver while Type DSS-MU has a rectangular 300 series stainless steel receiver. Each has an inlet height of 6-1/2" from floor to centerline available to help with extremely low inlet issues. The top-mounted, close-coupled pump is bronze-fitted with an industry standard motor and utilizes a propeller shaft with its high temperature patented (U.S. patent #4,932,846) bearing design. Type DS-MU and Type DSS-MU are available in either simplex or duplex configurations with a variety of options. These units also eliminate the need for pump isolation valves since the pump is mounted on top of the receiver. As an added advantage these units can fit into a smaller floor space area than conventional Type DS or Type PS units. The standard mechanical seals are for 250°F. Higher temperature seals and special faces available upon request.

For an all stainless steel exterior design intended for Food and Dairy applications, refer to Type DSSF.