Type SLC

Shipco® Logic Controller

Specialty Products

The Shipco® Type SLC is an economical method of automating functions on a Shipco® condensate or boiler feed unit. The SLC is a programmable NEMA 4X controller featuring a full color touchscreen display. Support for building automation protocols including Modbus® RTU, Modbus® TCP and BACnet IP or MS/TP are available.

When utilizing the Shipco® Continuous Transmitter with internal stainless steel float column, the SLC can monitor receiver status locally and remotely. Mounted from the top of the receiver, continuous level and temperature readings are sent to the SLC enabling it to perform various functions such as display status, read level set points, signal alarms, control pumps on a condensate unit, or control a make-up valve on a boiler feed unit. The Level Transmitter eliminates the additional need for dial thermometers. On condensate units, a separate method of pump alternation is not needed. On boiler feed units, external float switches and manual float adjustments are also not required. The stainless steel float column is rated for temperatures up to 250°F and length can vary for receivers up to 120" deep; this level sensor transmits 4-20 mA signals to the SLC.

If you have existing float switches or prefer to use them, the SLC will provide run status of pumps, trigger an alarm if a high-water float switch is available, and read temperature if a separate thermocouple is provided.


Condensate Units
  • Monitors water level and temperature inside the receiver.
  • Controls simplex condensate pump configuration.
  • Alternates duplex & triplex condensate pump configurations.
  • Provides high water status for alarm (local and remote).
Boiler Feed Units
  • Monitors water level and temperature inside the receiver.
  • Controls low water pump cut-off.
  • Controls make-up valve.
  • Provides low and high water status for alarms (local and remote).


  • Full-color touchscreen display
  • Ports: RJ45 serial port for RS232/RS485, Ethernet/LAN
  • Modbus® RTU / ASCII
  • Modbus® TCP
  • BACnet IP & MS/TP
  • PLC/Drive protocols